If you were looking to get an Audio Track Produced – First, you would have to find a reliable Record Producer to accomplish this task for you. Once you have completed your search and made up your mind about the Record Producer, He/she will undertake the Production of the Track and then Charge you their Fee, you will settle their Payment, they will produce the Track and that’s the end of the story – You are a proud owner of an Audio Track.

Similarly, if you were looking to get a Music Video Produced – You would have to look again for a reliable Video Production Company to successfully handle and complete this task for you. Once again, the Video Production Company will set out their Charges, you will pay, they will produce the Music Video and that’s about it. (You’d never hear from them again)

Of course, it is not the Record Producer’s job to Promote & Publicise your Music, nor is it the duty of the Video Production Company. So, YOU are left to your own devices with a decent Audio Track & a satisfactory Music Video.

But what good does it do to you, when you have no one to listen to your Music and to watch your Music Video apart from your family members & friends? This is when you need to think about Promoting your Material.

However, a decent Publicity & Promotion campaign can cost anywhere from £25,000 upwards. Being a Musician himself, our Founder/CEO – Shehan Noel, is only too well aware of the outrageous costs involved in promoting a Solo Artiste or a Band. When a Record Label signs and fully commits to you then that’s re-assuring, but how does someone who is Talented yet doesn’t have the support of a Record Label promote their music without having to fork out a lot of money?

So, Shehan came up with a solution to this problem that he personally faced himself. Firstly, he combined Audio & Video Productions and brought them under one umbrella – hence our slogan “Your Home For Music.” So you don’t have to go looking for these professionals separately, it will all be available to you under one roof.

Secondly, he decided to go a step further than other Record Producers & Video Production Companies by creating the SN Music Events in order to give an extra helping hand to you for the purposes of your Promotion & Publicity. (FREE OF CHARGE)

What is an SN Music Event?

It is an Exclusive Invitation Only Music Event where you will gain the Opportunity to perform & showcase your talent to some of the top A&R Scouts, A&R Managers, Music Producers, Songwriters and Record Label Contacts. The SN Music Events will give you an opening to demonstrate your Portfolio and to build for yourself those all Important Contacts in the music industry. It would also act as a Platform for Artistes to gain experience and also to build confidence, as these performances would be LIVE. You could also meet other like-minded Artistes.

If you want to benefit from the exposure and publicity mileage of a SN Music Event, you will need a minimum of 3 Audio Tracks produced by us. It’s likely that one track alone, may not be very convincing with the audience that would be present at such an event. They need to know that you are serious about your music career & we feel it’s imperative you showcase a portfolio of soundtracks to them. Do not fret, we are here to nurture & guide you along your musical journey. This is something that other Audio & Video Production Companies don’t do – but here at SN Entertainment we do things differently.