NiK is the Head of Music Productions for SN Entertainment. NiK oversees all functions of SN Entertainment’s Music Production Division. His Team comprises of several music producers working diligently under his guidance to produce Top Broadcast Quality Records for our Artistes.

NiK was born on the 27th of December 1983. He is a Composer, Music Producer, Sound Designer and Audio Engineer, with a string of Hit singles under his belt for various artistes in both National & International markets.

In 2003, he graduated in Audio Engineering earning himself a Higher Diploma from the School of Audio Engineering (SAE). NiK has a vast amount of experience in the music industry and is also well known for his unique techniques of Mixing & Mastering using modern technology.

In mid 2013, NiK and his production team worked closely with Shehan on two of his projects. It was during this process that Shehan recognised NiK’s aptitude in creating Audio Productions.

Subsequently, Shehan mentioned the idea of forming SN Entertainment to NiK and invited him to join SN Entertainment in early 2015. NiK accepted the invitation immediately and commenced work with SN Entertainment.