✔ Affordable Broadcast Quality Audio & Video Productions.
✔ Nationwide Recording Studios.
✔ Catering to All Genres of Music.
✔ FREE Songwriting Service.
✔ FREE Publicity & Promotion.
✔ FREE Access to SN Music Events.
✔ Personalised Audio Productions for Special Occasions.

📕 Our Story…

💡 SN Entertainment was established in early 2015 in London, United Kingdom, and is rapidly becoming a pioneer of its kind in Audio and Video Productions. Shehan Noel, our Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SN Entertainment, believes that every individual can learn and benefit from Music.

🏆 What makes us stand out from other Music and Video Production Companies?

🏁 We offer a range of Additional FREE Services that other Music & Video Production Companies wouldn’t provide or in turn charge a lot of money to provide.

🏁 Other Production Houses are typically based in one Location, so you either have to commute a long distance for your Vocal Recording sessions or pay for any overnight stay. But because we have Recording Studios Nationwide, you don’t have to worry about traveling too far or spending unnecessarily on Hotels or B&B’s.

📢 How does SN Entertainment offer FREE Publicity & Promotion?

🥇 As a member of the SN Entertainment Family, when you create an Audio or Music Video Production with us, we give you FREE Publicity & Promotion via the following channels..

🌐 The SN Entertainment Official Website.

📲 SN Entertainment Social Networking Sites.

🎙️ You will also gain the Opportunity to Perform at our Exclusive ‘Invitation Only’ SN Music Events. You can then Showcase your Talent to some of the top A&R Scouts, A&R Managers, Music Producers, Songwriters and Record Label Contacts that will be present at one of these Events.

🤝 The SN Music Events will not only give you an Opening to Demonstrate your Portfolio but also will Act as a Platform for you to Build those ‘Important Contacts’ in the Music Industry.

🎯 If you Perform well and impress the Audience sufficiently… You could be in with a chance to be Handpicked and Signed by one of the Industry Contacts Present.  

🎤 How about a Personalised Audio Production?

🔍 Another area SN Entertainment focuses on is helping the many people out there who want to Express themselves Musically to their Loved ones. Don’t worry if you are not a Professional Singer, because we will be there to guide you and show you the ropes from start to finish.

🎁 So why not surprise your Loved ones.. show them that you can sing! Make it the Perfect Gift to your other half to cherish your Special Day by Recording an Original (Personalised) Song with SN Entertainment. Unlike Flowers that wilt or Chocolates that will be eaten and forgotten, your voice on a Personalised Original Recording will last FOREVER! Here are just a few ideas for you to consider…

💝 Surprise your Lover on Valentine’s Day by gifting them with your very own (Personalised) Broadcast Quality Original Single.

👰 Record a Personalised Song with us for you to be able to play at your own Wedding! Imagine how stunned your to be Husband or Wife would be when they hear that it’s you singing to them. Not needing to mention how shocked the guests would be!

🏩 It is also the perfect Anniversary Present, Don’t you think?

👶 A Personalised Song for your New-Born Baby will show your offspring how much the day meant to you when they are older! They will still be able to listen to your voice.

🕯️ How about a Christmas Single? You can play it to your Family & Friends at a Christmas Party. Imagine the look on their faces when they realise that the singer is you!

👪 Show your Parents how much you Love them by Recording an Original Single for your Mum or Dad. It will be the Mother’s/Father’s Day Gift that they will never forget..

💎 We at SN Entertainment call ourselves a Family, because we Endeavour to nurture our members’ talent, watch it develop and grow, helping you to achieve your full potential as a musician. So, once again, we warmly welcome you to the Official Website of SN Entertainment. We hope you find it both informative and inspirational.